Experience Native American culture with Tchin, a nationally known artist and educator of Indian arts and culture. Through the art of oral tradition, he tells Indian stories portraying the creation of the world and how things came to be.

In his energizing presentation, Tchin deals with important topics including:

  • Cultural diversity
  • Music appreciation
  • Environmental consciousness

These stories have been passed down through generations and illuminate both young and mature minds. Tchin brings the stories alive with his gift of magic. As part of this program, Tchin will perform and explain the seldom seen or heard Native American courting flute.

All programs last approximately 45 minutes depending on the program selected or the requests of the program scheduler. Each session includes a question and answer period. Every program is customized to specific age levels and specific needs of audiences.


Photos: Hank Rogerson

Experience One of Tchin’s Performances

Tchin is the featured storyteller from the east in ‘Circle of Stories’ – a PBS web documentary about Native American storytellers. Learn more about Tchin and hear him tell his most famous story “Rabbit's Wish for Snow.”

Reactions to Tchin's Performances

  • Radburn School, New Jersey
    “Thank you very much for visiting with the students at Radburn School. We all enjoyed your program tremendously! Your stories were entertaining, as well as informative, and your flute playing was exceptional!...You created a wonderful rapport with the students and adults alike. Everyone was riveted by your presentation, and we hope to invite you back in the future.”
    - Natalie Lacatena, Principal

  • Cub Scout Pack 270, New Jersey
    “Thank you so much for coming to my pack night and speaking with my boys. I cannot express the warmth that I feel for you and the way at which you were able to communicate with my boys. In the ten years that I have been involved with our cubs, I have never heard our boys cheering and applauding anyone the way that they had for you. For me the evening was a wonderful event that I long looked forward to. I am glad that our boys have had the experience of meeting you...I will encourage anyone I can that Tchin’s appearance would be a blessing to their group.”
    - David Maran

  • Yale University, Connecticut
    “I'd just like to say ‘Thank you’ for producing such an excellent program at the Peabody... The entire event was a success, and I keep hearing from people about how much they enjoyed the day...”

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About Native American Courting Flute Music

Traditionally, adolescent boys and girls were not allowed to be alone together. Instead, the young man sends his message of love to the young lady through his flute song. A most relaxing, meditative Indian flute music perfect for holding loved ones from minus one to plus 100. Though these songs are thousands of years old, they are still contemporary. Perfect for melting away stress.

About Traditional Native American Storytelling

In the winter time, the people gather around the fire waiting to hear the stories that they will later tell the next generations. Stories represent various aspects of human life. Often with a touch of humor and vividness, these tales teach us how we should behave, how things came to be and to give thanks for all our blessings.